Language Aid

The current release of Language Aid is 1.1.6.  It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and an Internet connection.  Without registration Language Aid will run in demo mode for 5 minutes at a time.  To run Language Aid without a time limit you may do so by registering Language Aid through the preference pane.  Registration is $20.

Language Aid 1.1.6

This installer package will setup Language Aid for all users on your computer.

Technology Not Currently In Development


Currently in public release are binaries for the Application Library development paradigm, full source and binaries for an initial base of repository modules and full source and binaries for a few demo applications.  The interfaces for the libraries, usage conventions and standards are still in a great state of flux and evolution.  It is not really in beta stage yet and is really more of an alpha or a developer preview.  By following some of the demo apps as examples, programmers can use the development package to create their own applications with Vision. 

The included license basically says that you can do or make whatever you want with Vision, the repository modules and the demo apps just so long as it is non-commercial.  Any parties interested in using Vision technology for commercial purposes need to acquire a commercial use license.  Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in acquiring such a license. 

Please feel free to play around with Vision, adapt/improve/add to the middleware modules and use it to start making great apps with next generation interfaces.  Please report bugs, usage questions, feature requests and other questions to [email protected]. Bug fixes, better documentation, additional features and more demo apps are always being worked on and new releases should show up here. 

Vision has only been tested with the latest version of Mac OS X and XCode for PPC systems.  For right now Vision only works on 10.4.  Applications that make use of module unloading will only correctly run on 10.4.1 or higher and applications that make use of module reloading (like VisionEditor) have a risk of crashing until a future version of Mac OS X.  Although Universal binaries are present and the project targets build them (in the Release configuration) they will most likely not run correctly on x86 systems natively until testing can be done.

Vision Development Package

This installer package will give you everything you need to start making standalone Vision applications:
  • Vision Application Library - binary and headers
  • Repository Modules - binaries, source code and project files
  • Example Applications - source code and project files
  • VisionEditor - binary
  • XCode project, target and file templates
  • Maintenance and Uninstall Scripts

Vision Application Demos

This is a disk image containing only the binaries for the example applications included in the Vision Development Package.  If you just want to poke around some simple examples of what Vision can do then download this (and read the included ReadMe files).

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