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There are 4 major documentation sections that have been created in order to help you create programs using Vision.  Because Vision is still growing, the material here will probably change and be updated often in response to feature additions, structure changes, example additions and better explanations.  Currently the documentation here is geared mostly towards programs created under the Application Library paradigm.

Object Overviews

The way that you create programs and modules with Vision is by creating objects of the major types listed below.  Each have a specific role and purpose.  The main objects that you will be dealing with and designing around are the Construct objects.  Every other type is really meant to support and enhance the functionality of Construct objects.  To familiarize yourself with the different kinds of objects that Vision provides for you to work with, read through the sections listed below.  There are also very helpful descriptions at the top of these object's respective header files which are installed in /usr/local/Vision/Headers.

The Main Base Class


Construct Interaction


Other Objects


Example Applications

To get ready to make your own programs using Vision under the Application Library development paradigm, take a look at some of the examples that were installed with the Vision Development package (by default installed into ~/Vision/Examples).  Taking a little time to look at how they work should help understand how Vision functions and how applications are built. 


The obligatory Hello World program that demonstrates the bare bone essentials that need to be in place to at least do a simple operation like display text.


This is a small program meant to demonstrate custom subclassing, simple interactivity, environments and window opacity switching.

VTunnel - (video)

VTunnel is an example meant to show off some of the interesting and more efficient ways of doing old tasks such as setting up network tunnels and well as showing an example of using Construct tree save files that can be created and edited by VisionEditor.

VisionChat - (video)

VisionChat is the most developed of all the examples here and shows off more complex and real app-like behavior. 

Project Creation

Now you are ready to create some of your own applications and server modules.  It is recommended that you use XCode as your IDE and use the provided project/target/file templates that are installed with the Vision Development Package.  Here are instructions on how to do so:

Application Creation
Module Creation


Listed here are other pages of information that might be useful and it is recommended that you take at least a quick look over them. 

Operating Architecture - This explains how the Vision core is set up and is mostly of use when programming under the Window Server paradigm but is still a good read.
Usage Notes -There are a few things to keep in mind when programming for Vision that are noted here.

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