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All of the media here are of early test programs purely meant to demonstrate functionality of the framework and middleware.  They would obviously look nicer if Aoren had a full-time design team (or even a design person at all).  The real meat is here and here.


Below are a few videos of demo programs.  Some of them are running in the window server, some as standalone apps.  All of them are running alongside Mac OS X.  Some of them are only test concepts for new and different ways of thinking while others are meant to be examples of more traditional applications.  Most of them are fairly long and have audio commentary explaining the origin or features of the demo.

These videos require Quicktime 7 to run properly. 
Some users running the Quicktime browser plug-in under Windows have been reporting crashed browsers.  The issue is being looked into.

Vision Window Server VisionChat VisionEditor VTunnel FileBrowser MeshViewer


Here are various screenshots of demo programs.  Click on any thumbnail to bring up a slideshow window in which you can manually scroll through and read comments on each picture.  To view a fullsize picture, click on the midsize version in the slideshow window.

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