Aoren is currently a one-man shop run by Spencer Nielsen. It specializes in Mac OS X/iOS development, graphics, games and low-level, performance critical programming.
Aoren was founded in 2004 for the purpose of formalizing the development of Vision, a 3D window server and UI framework. Vision has since been retired and sent to that great bit bucket in the sky.
From 2006 to 2011 there was active development on Language Aid, a system-wide text lookup engine aimed at saving time for users who frequently lookup similar kinds of information over and over. It is now an open source project.
During Language Aid's development and deployment Aoren developed advanced DRM techniques that were eventually spun off into its own seperate product called Deadlock.
Aoren has also performed porting duties for Elecorn, first by porting the animation tool TweenMaker to Mac OS X.
Later Aoren ported Elecorn's 3D action game Caster to Mac OS X, iOS and webOS.
Spencer also co-founded the Startup Grind event which is currently the best startup oriented event in Silicon Valley. Aoren developed the Startup Grind companion app that enhances the experience of the event attendees.
Aoren released Think Tank, an iOS app that records and organizes your ideas for projects or inventions.
Aoren recently released a physics-based action game for iOS called Invader Zurp.

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