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Language Aid FAQ

It is not recognizing my lookup trigger!  What is happening?
If your lookup trigger conflicts with another system service such as Exposé, Dashboard or Spotlight then they will take precedence and that specific lookup trigger will not do anything unless you change the other service's key combo.  You can easily change Language Aid's lookup trigger to something different that does not conflict.  Also be sure that Language Aid is currently enabled and that the plugin in question is also enabled. 

It doesn't work on in iTunes (or Firefox, or <other app>)!
Language Aid can access most kinds of text in the operating system but some programs have special methods of text utilization which Language Aid cannot gain access to.  iTunes and Firefox use special methods to render their interfaces and thus Language Aid cannot access text rendered in those programs.  Also, Language Aid cannot gain access to text in pictures such as JPEGs or GIFs.

Sometimes it grabs the text I selected and sometimes it doesn't.  What is happening?
Language Aid cannot always grab the same text in every situation.  For example, grabbing selected text from WebViews (like Safari) does not work yet although grabbing big blocks of text or individual words (if the browser window is in the forefront) does work.  We are always trying to find more ways to grab meaningful text from all sorts of applications, but it is not perfect.

It keeps giving me a "Connection Error."  What is going on?
Many plugins used by Language Aid require an Internet connection to retrieve their results.  If you are not connected to the Internet it will not work.  Check your Internet connection to make sure that it is working correctly. 

I want Language Aid to work with this <language/web service/etc>.  Can it do that?
Language Aid is completely extensible through its plugin architecture.  There is no guarantee that a plugin can be written to correctly work in every situation.  However, the plugin architecture is fairly flexible and is steadily evolving to suit plugin developer's needs.  If you can't find a plugin that suits your needs, try to write one that does!

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