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Language Aid Plugins

Google Translate

Amazing language translation is now at your fingertips with the Google Translate plugin.  Google Translate supports a number of languages and can even automatically detect the source language in many cases.  Use this plugin to quickly decipher and foreign text you come across.  This plugin can help break down language barriers and allow you to explore the other sides of the internet.  

Japanese Lookups (WWWJDIC)

Before Language Aid supported plugins, it was a tool that was used as a simple and fast front-end to Jim Breen's WWWJDIC.  Nowadays it can still be used for amazing Japanese dictionary lookups from the vast set of dictionaries present in the WWWJDIC.  The WWWJDIC can perform dictionary lookups on huge chunks of Japanese text and present the results in a very clean manner.  For anyone learning Japanese, Japanese speakers learning other languages or anyone who has a small interest/need in Japanese language services will find this plugin very useful. 

Chinese Lookups (MDBG)

Similar in function to the WWWJDIC plugin, this plugin interfaces to the great Chinese dictionary lookup service MDBG.  Features include both simplified and traditional character lookups, choice of pinyin style and choice of mirrors.  This plugin is of great use to those who are wishing to study or translate Chinese.  With a quick flip of the lookup trigger you can get access to the vast database of dictionary lookups provided the MDBG which is based on the Unihan and CEDICT dictionaries.


One of the most widely used knowledge resources on the web is now closer than ever!  With a quick keystroke or mouse click you can bring up the internet's encyclopedia on almost any topic.  With Language Aid's Wikipedia plugin you can get your needed information right away.  When confronted with a word or topic that you are not familiar with, with look it up right there and then instead putting it off! 

Google Search

The web's best search engine is also readily available through a Language Aid plugin.  You don't need to boot up a web browser for a quick Google query, just use Language Aid to do it!  With Language Aid's text grabbing engine you can query text from unselectable places in the operating system instead of manually typing them in to a search box as well. 

Your plugin!

The best part of Language Aid is the fact that it extensible and flexible for your needs.  If you want to adapt Language Aid to work with another language or lookup source you can!  Feel free to try making your own plugin with the Language Aid SDK (no purchase or registration necessary).

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