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System-wide Text Lookups At Your Fingertips.


Language Aid allows you to simply hover your mouse cursor over almost any piece of text and retrieve the information you want about it with the click of a mouse button or the tap of a keystroke.  Language Aid aims to eliminate the long process of copying text, opening a web browser (or other program), loading up a web service, pasting the text and clicking a button.  Features include:
  • Unlimited potential through easy to create plugin modules.
  • Customizable lookup trigger to either a mouse button or key combination.
  • Access to text in the system that may not be selectable or copyable.
  • Visually scaleable results.
  • Quick access and dismissal. It is there when you need it but stays out of your way.
Language Aid requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and many plugins require an Internet connection.

Three Ways To Grab Text

There are three ways that you can grab text from your system and pass it to Language Aid. You can hover your mouse cursor over most text in the system and hit the lookup trigger. You can select text and use the contextual menu plugin in supporting applications. You can also use the Language Aid system service on selected text.

Lookup Trigger

Contextual Menu

System Service

Example Uses

Language Aid is an engine that is used to grab text from almost anywhere in the operating system.  By using a lookup trigger you can grab text from web pages, text documents, buttons, menus, finder items and many other places.  Once that text is grabbed, it is sent to a plugin module to be processed and the results are displayed to you.  Some of the many potential uses for Language Aid are:
Don't see anything there that is useful to you?  Email us at [email protected] and tell us what web service or lookup method you want to see Language Aid interact with. We might just make a plugin for your favorite language or web service!

You can also try your hand at developing your own plugin with the easy to use Language Aid SDK.

Site Licenses and Beta Testing

Discounts and system image-able versions of Language Aid are available to institutions and organizations such as language labs and universities who wish to purchase large numbers of licenses. Interested parties can email [email protected].

Would like you like to be on the Language Aid beta testing list? Add yourself to our mailing lists. (We will not use your email for any other purposes than the ones described)

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