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Language Aid can grab text from all sorts of sources.  Here we can quickly find out about a program that we might not know much about by hovering the mouse cursor over the name and performing a Google lookup.

In Xcode you could use it to lookup information and usage examples of selected text in your code in addition to using Xcode's built-in documentation.

While web surfing you could quickly bring up the Wikipedia article on a subject by hovering your mouse cursor over an individual word and triggering a Wikipedia lookup.

You could also simply enter a Wikipedia query directly into the lookup window.  If you hit the lookup trigger and the mouse cursor is not hovering over any text that it can grab the lookup window will appear without performing a lookup.  Likewise if you hit the trigger again while not over any grabbable text while the window is open, it will vanish.

Language Aid's WWJDIC plugin is very useful for those trying to learn Japanese or Japanese speakers who want to know individual word lookups.  The WWWJDIC can perform Japanese dictionary lookups on many words at once in large blocks of text.

Language Aid can also perform lookups on some text in the system that is not normally selectable such as menu item text.

Language Aid's plugin system can make the possibility of running your system in your non-native language a reality.

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